~ About us ~
SwordBrothers Productions
...is a part of mighty Swordbrothers Festival and is a promotion & booking agency for international Rock, Hard rock & Heavy Metal bands.

Our job and target is to promote, assist & introduce our bands during their worldwide activities.

SwordBrothers Productions also handle bookings for concert & festival events in Europe for bands working with SwordBrothers Productions!

We will send out promotional sets of our bands by serious request. Clubs & festivals are free to ask for full info package about our bands and also several packages can be arranged by direct request.

SwordBrothers Productions also provides product-promotion. We coordinate interviews & reviews for your product in magazines and webzines worldwide and make sure that bands always get the attention they earn. So if you think some news or else must be spread, dont hesitate to mail. We work with many web and magazines all over the world.

SwordBrothers Productions works very close with the artists. So we have to get all information as concerts, news, new album, etc.

We are not working with bands that are not on SwordBrothers Productions!!!
Regular we will work with a limited amount of high class bands, to give our best support and promotion to them.